Our Partners

TIBCO Rendezvous has been integrated or embedded within the products of the world’s leading technology companies. TIBCO Rendezvous is the only messaging software that delivers true real-time publish/subscribe and request/reply messaging. It also supports qualities of service ranging from lightweight informational messages to certified and transactional delivery.


Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database
Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database is a memory-optimized relational database that empowers applications with the instant responsiveness and very high throughput required by today’s real-time enterprises and industries such as telecom, capital markets, and defense. Deployed in the application tier as a cache or embedded database, Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database operates on databases that fit entirely in physical memory using standard SQL interfaces.


Imagine Software
Imagine provides real-time portfolio management, risk and regulatory solutions to hundreds of financial professionals on four continents and supports the needs of thousands of users – all from one integrated platform. Our alliance with Imagine is to use their real-time risk calculation and portfolio management API for providing a simple buy-side order management system.


IRESS UK is a leading solutions provider for wealth management and mortgage professionals. Our alliance with IRESS is for their extensive FIX Global order routing network which is dominant in US, Europe, South Africa and Australasia.