Company Development

2009 to Present

VPS EliteTrader gains wider acceptance

EliteTrader has become the choice HK equities trading platform for Chinese brokers based on Hong Kong providing Institutional Sales (IS). Typically the solutions deployed were AMS3 BSS + OMS + FIX connectivity solution.

VPS continues to enhance the EliteTrader offering by adding FIXOUT (to connect to other liquidity providers) and strengthening it’s middle-office capabilities.


Full-scale VPS EliteTrader Suite Deployed

VPS successfully deployed EliteTrader as a full scale AMS3 BSS + OMS + Bloomberg FIX connectivity solution to the Hong Kong securities division of a major Chinese Bank. With a project cycle of less than 2 months, and the complexity of full scale sales + dealing operations, VPS demonstrated its strong project management skills and supreme software engineering capability for delivering a high quality trading systems.

VPS Delivered a Tailor-made FIX Solution

VPS delivered a tailor-made FIX solution to a prominent Chinese securities firm in a 2 month period. The client was impressed by the FIX expertise and software quality provided by VPS, which the client has had difficulties obtaining from Mainland China vendors before approaching VPS.


VPS EliteTrader for Buyside Goes Live

Developed for a HK Hedge fund company, VPS has launched its turn-key solution to support the buy-side operational needs – the Elite Trader Fund Manager (FM) OMS. Inherited from the powerful Elite Trader infrastructure, “Elite Trader FM OMS” supports order execution against multiple prime brokers via FIX (FIX-out), with a fully integrated real-time portfolio level P/L management. FM OMS also provides an advanced PDF recognition research management system as well as a comprehensive back-office reconciliation system. Elite Trader FM OMS is an unique trading systems tailored to offer a complete solution for the Asian specific buy-side operations.


VPS Flagship Product EliteTrader Live at Hong Kong Brokerage

VPS EliteTrader goes live at a Hong Kong based agency brokerage firm. The system replaced the AMS/3 terminal and allows more than one registered trader to trade on SEHK simultaneously. The front-end provides the traders with real-time market data as well as real-time feedback on their orders. The head of sales for this firm now has complete visibility on the state of all agency orders being executed for external reporting purposes. At the same time, the back office has benefited from being able to extract the daily trades automatically for their settlement and reporting process. At the same time, VPS rolled out its FIX inbound connectivity (FIXIN) for the client to provide DMA order service to its institutional client is United States, via the BTRadianz Network.


VPS Tailor-made Algorithmic Trading Solution Live at Japanese Brokerage

Tailor-made development for algorithmic trading live at international Japanese investment bank. Modules include:

Automatic Trading Module (ATM), SEHK does not support market order, ATM was developed as a Market Trader (MT) Add-on, so traders can use a dialog to enable any MT orders so an ATM logic can be applied to these orders. ATM logic included “market” orders using best bid or best ask, %limit checking, monitoring for a target price place order automatically, ELO orders > than 5 spreads, automatic creation of unfilled orders from Auction period to normal trading period.

Program-Trading Add-on (PTA), our client experienced gaps and bugs within Market Trader program-trading module. PTA was developed so that Daiwa can have a Historical VWAP pattern generation for their basket trading business and a better recovery to the MT program trading function. PTA has a front-end to enable simple basket routing features for a “super-trader” to distribute CD orders within a basket to different traders. The traders can apply Historical VWAP patterns to these CD orders by activating a dialog.

FIX-DMA Module, this module handles FIX orders automatically, from placing, amending orders to canceling orders. Different ATM logic was enabled for different business lines, if any orders requests trader intervention, it will be routed to a group of traders in a “round-robin” basis.